Sick Display: Honr Network Volunteer Tiffany Moser Photoshop’s Explosives Onto Her Body

Known Cyber Predator Tiffany Moser, who was a former Sandy Hook Hoaxer and now the online girlfriend of Lenny Pozner. Recently photoshoped explosives onto her body, inside her cyber terrorist community “Justice League.” Who was created and still ran by the same man who dumped Revenge Porn on her. The same man was arrested, yet Tiffany Moser is still in communication with him. Law Enforcement was contacted

Tiffany Moser


Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner and His Honr Network Harass Innocent 60 YR Old Man Waiting For Heart Transplant

Demented Serial Cyber Harasser With Prolonged Grief Disorder

Lenny and his crew of demented cyber stalkers are at it again. Do you remember Lenny almost getting arrested for trolling a 11 year old girl online? Well, he and his gangstalking crew are now gangstalking the Grand Father of that little girl. Note* both these individuals have no idea who Lenny Pozner is. Have no affiliation with any “Sandy Hook Truther.” Police reports and FBI were contacted. The man responsible for this is “Doug Maguire” of Burbank California and Leonard Pozner of Florida.

Links to the harassment can be seen on the following links

Leonard Pozner Chased Out Of Boca Raton For Being a Fail Troll

Lenny Pozner recently had to move out of Boca Raton, after Boca Raton PD told him off. Because He and his Buddy Doug Maguire. Decided it was a smart idea, to host images of a 11 year old Hispanic girl on Lenny’s web host. Linked to over 30 slander domains, his new location is unknown. But he is still living in Florida, fail trolling away.

Sandy Hook Father Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner Death Threats Felix Pantaleon

Lenny Pozner Death Threat

Quoting Lenny
“One day you might find yourself crossing paths with Lenny and I’m sure if that were to ever happen your face would get elbowed repeatedly until the taste of the ground remained the aftertaste of your life.” (Original Archived Link of Youtube incase of editing and deletion)
Direct archived link to Lennys Youtube where he sent death threats to me.

Using Photoshop image of me as avatar created by Doug Maguire. Mentally ill man he uses online.

Doug Death threats man on video

Responsible for admining over 30 slander domains Lenny Owns.

Lenny Pozner Admits To “Cranking Up” Slander Websites To Harass Individual

Here is Lenny Pozner confirming he’s a cyber harasser

Wayback link for proof