Former Sandy Hook Hoaxer Now Honr Network Volunteer Threatens To Murder Man With a Gun


Tiffany Moser’s Social Media Accounts


Honr Network Volunteer Tiffany Moser Admits To Drug Trafficking

Tiffany Moser of Honr Network was recently exposed by a online Boyfriend as being a Drug Trafficker. We have known of this for long, but never had any evidence of Moser’s criminal activity. Here are real text sent to Moser’s online boyfriend.

Sick Display: Honr Network Volunteer Tiffany Moser Photoshop’s Explosives Onto Her Body

Known Cyber Predator Tiffany Moser, who was a former Sandy Hook Hoaxer and now the online girlfriend of Lenny Pozner. Recently photoshoped explosives onto her body, inside her cyber terrorist community “Justice League.” Who was created and still ran by the same man who dumped Revenge Porn on her. The same man was arrested, yet Tiffany Moser is still in communication with him. Law Enforcement was contacted

Tiffany Moser


Honr Network Volunteer Tiffany Moser of Murrieta California Ongoing Harassment of Kentucky Man

What wait? Honr Network harassing Non-Sandy Hook Truther again? Yup Tiffany Moser, co-owner of Honr Network has continuously targeted a victim of Cyber Bullying online. “VonHelton” a notorious victim of online trolls for the last 10 years. A simple google search will show you, we will not leave a link. Because we do not want to encourage the harassment of this defenseless man in Kentucky. Vonhelton has been victim of countless CPS reports filed by Tiffany Moser. A woman who is just projecting, as she has had a fishy history of child abuse and endangerment.

Tiffany Moser on Twitter

Totally the opposite of what Owner Lenny Pozner claims his network to be. We take action against hoaxer, hate ,trolls, gun & fake news.

Tiffany Moser (Honr Network) of Murrieta California Ongoing Harassment of Kentucky Man

Felix Pantaleon Targeted With Cruel Pizzagate Hoax By Lenny Pozner’s Honr Network

Honr Network now accuses little kids of being apart of Boy Love Association & Pizzagate because of haircut designs.

If you didn’t think Lenny Pozner and his Honr Network weren’t crazy enough. They have now taken a generic haircut design, available in 100’s of barbershops across the world. And accused Felix Pantaleon of being apart of “Pedogate” aka #Pizzagate. Wait what? Isn’t Lenny Pozner and his network “Liberal?” Isn’t Pizzagate an “Alt-Right” thing? What will CNN say about this? CNN is on record promoting Lenny Pozner and Honr Network.

The Woman and The Man (Apart of Honr Network) accusing Felix Pantaleon of this hoax are, Tiffany Moser (Yorba Linda, CA) and Doug Maguire (Burbank, CA.) Tiffany A. Moser seems to be Lenny’s online G/F at this point, since he’s allowing her to drive “Honr Network” into the ground.

Who is Tiffany Moser? Tiffany has a long trail of insanity online and recently tried to offer her son to a grown man online. She was also a notorious Sandy Hook Hoaxer who stalked The Dead children of Sandy Hook.

Who is Doug Maguire? A failed Actor turned criminal and drug Addict.


Tiffany Moser warns, Felix Pantaleon is in for a rude awaking because she’s going to frame him as a “pedophile.”

Here are the videos Tiffany and Doug Created, but first let’s show you their affiliation with Lenny and Honr.

Tiffany Moser on Twitter
Doug Maguire’s Linkedin


Still want to support Honr Network? Targeting a man who is NOT a Sandy Hook Truther? You’ve been warned

Tiffany Moser of Yorba Linda, CA Harasses Business “Daddy Rabbit’s” Of Richmond VA

Cyber Predator Tiffany Moser

Known cyber terrorist, Sandy Hook Truther & harasser. Who killed a 15 year old boy riding his bicycle in 2014.

Has gone down the deep end again and has decided to stalk businesses affiliated with people she is cyber stalking online.

Tiffany Moser believed two men out of the countless she cyber stalks on a daily basis. Were going to perform at “Daddy Rabbit’s” in Richmond VA.

She took it upon herself to have her and her online boyfriend prank call it. Till the point where she believed she would get the show canceled. Police and ic3 reports were filed.

tiffany moser

documented proof


Honr Network Volunteer Tiffany Moser of Yorba Linda California is a Amateur Porn Star

Notorious cyber terrorist and troll Tiffany Moser

Is living a double life, how can this volunteer for Honr also be an amateur porn star? This sort of behavior isn’t anything new for honr, founder Lenny is known to have had run a teen porn website in the past.

Tiffany Moser of Honr Network Exploits Dead Veteran & Exploits Children


Tiffany Moser exploits dead veteran, a husband of a victim she is harassing. Wayback link for proof




Tiffany Moser spams gay porn into google+ communities with minors in it